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  • Established on June 20, 1963

  • Mission:
    The Research Institute of Korean Studies was established to solidify Korea’s national identity and to create a new national culture for the divided nation (the South and the North) by passing on Korean traditional culture in a progressive way. Since its inception in 1963, the institute has been involved in various activities such as translating Korean classic literature, systematically organizing national cultural heritages, publishing research publications about Korean Studies, holding regular academic conferences, and initiating various traditional culture promotion projects. In the 1990s, the institute began to make new attempts to meet the needs of informatization and globalization—not only discovering and preserving traditional culture, but also laying theoretical and practical foundations for further progress. As part of its informatization efforts, the institute is developing new computerized information processing systems and information media to make research, data processing, and communication of research outcomes more efficient.
Asiatic Research Institute 02-3290-1600
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  • Established on June 17, 1957

  • Mission:
    The Asiatic Research Institute was established to conduct scientific research on the history, culture, and lifestyle of Korea and other Asian countries in order to foster global mutual understanding.
  • Projects and Activities
    1. Publish periodicals
    2. Host conferences and lectures
    3. Award research grants to special research projects
    4. Publish books on Asiatic research and translate foreign books
    5. Operate the institute’s library
    6. Invite foreign scholars and send institute researchers to other countries
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