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Vision & Mission

With warm heart and cool head,
the College of Liberal Arts embraces our nation and the world.

One of the fundamental reasons we can call Korea University a university of our nation is the presence of a liberal arts college which is proud of being the best in the field of Korea studies. Participating in research and activities to discover the roots of our national culture and to inherit them, the College takes its role very seriously. By cultivating leaders in the fields of cultural sciences and foreign literature, it brings us one step closer to the internationalization and globalization of our country.

With warm heart and cool head, the College of Liberal Arts embraces our nation and the world.

When embarking on its journey in 1946, the College of Liberal Arts consisted of four departments: the departments of Korean Literature, English Literature, Philosophy, and History. Currently, it comprises 15 departments in two divisions. The Division of Humanities is composed of the departments of Korean Language and Literature, Philosophy, Korean History, History, Psychology, Sociology, and Classical Chinese. The Division of International Languages and Literature includes the following departments: the departments of English Language and Literature, German Language and Literature, French Language and Literature, Chinese Language and Literature, Russian Language and Literature, Japanese Language and Literature, Spanish Language and Literature, and Linguistics.

In the field of Korea studies, the College assumes a significant role in inheriting and developing the national culture. In the field of foreign languages and literature, it leads the internationalization and globalization of our country by providing world-class educational services and conducting various research projects.

For instance, it established the departments of Chinese Language and Literature and Russian Language and Literature even before Korea and the two nations had formal diplomatic relations, which helped our country prepare for the dramatic changes in the global landscape. It has also been a leader in the academic world of Korea, making bold movements such as opening departments related to unexplored fields, e.g., the departments of Spanish Language and Literature, Japanese Language and Literature, Classical Chinese, and Linguistics.

Students from these 15 departments are supported by the KU Research Institute of Korea Studies and other world-class research institutes: the Asiatic Research Institute, Behavioral Science Research Center, and Research Institute for Language and Information. They are also offered chances to study abroad through student exchange programs with prestigious universities around the world: Moscow State, Saint Petersburg State, Columbia, Waseda, Musashi, Tezukayama Gakuin, and Peking universities, as well as universities in Mexico, Peru, and Chile. After receiving the best education in the country from 136 accomplished professors, approximately 15,000 students have graduated from the college and successfully started careers in various fields including academia, politics, media, literature, and theater.