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Message from the Dean

Welcome to the College of Liberal Arts at Korea University!

Established in 1905 under the banner of national salvation through education, Korea University has been devoted to its role as a university of the nation over the past century--nurturing our future leaders. Facing the challenges of the 21st century, the university will not stop moving forward to become a training center for global leaders who will act as helmsmen in the international community. If you choose to come to our university, you are ready to be a witness to our future developments and to help us contribute to the advancement of our nation.

Since opening its doors on September 2, 1946, the College of Liberal Arts at Korea University has been at the center of liberal arts studies, assuming a significant role in conducting research and pursuing the ideals of humanity. Over the last 60 years, we have graduated approximately 25,000 scholars from our college. They have been at the forefront of serving the country and seeking human progress, together with the entire KU alumni community of 145,000 members.

Welcome to the College of Liberal Arts at Korea University!

What you are about to explore here is the achievements our college has accumulated over the past 60 years, based on the university’s 100-year tradition. Once you click on our website, you will have joined our movement to create a new trend in culture and lead the future of our society without losing the strengths we gain from our traditions. As you have just joined us, we would like to reaffirm the challenges that lie ahead on our way toward the future.

First, we want to take a pivotal role in pursuing Korea University’s motto: Liberty, Justice, and Truth. This motto was reiterated as our spiritual guidance in 1995 on the 50th anniversary of the university’s founding. A half a century has passed and it still resonates, encouraging us to fulfill our duties. The College of Liberal Arts stands at the center of seeking liberty, justice, and truth. In the process of realizing these three values, we can become a true hub of liberal arts and, ultimately, carry out our responsibilities for our country and mankind.

In addition, we feel a great sense of responsibility to lead the liberal arts education at Korea University, where professionals and future global leaders are to be fostered. The Division of International Languages and Literature in our college established the global education program, the 7+1 Program, in an effort to encourage students to spend one of their eight semesters at a university abroad. By making agreements with prestigious universities at home and abroad, we are providing our students with an opportunity to broaden the spectrum of their experiences in new environments. Needless to say, we endeavor to ensure the high quality of graduate schools and to deepen their research. As long as you choose to study in our college, you will be the main beneficiary of our system.

Traditions that flourished in the past will never lose their significance as long as continuous efforts keep them alive. Likewise, we find the roots of our development in the 100-year history of Korea University and the 60-year history of our college. While preserving tradition, we will not forget to keep pace with current and future changes. Once and for all, we would like to ask you to join us in addressing the challenges ahead and in creating a new future with us. Thank you.

Dean, College of Liberal Arts Korea University