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Global Leader for the East Asian Century

Global Leader for the East Asian Century (GLEAC)

1. Educational Objective
The 21st century as referred to as “the Era of Asia” requires individuals knowledgeable in politics, diplomacy, economy, and trade with an understanding of humanities, including the languages and cultures of Korea, China and Japan, which are considered the backbone of the East Asia. Instead of studying of a single nation with a separation between the humanities and social sciences, this interdisciplinary major explores East Asia in a more integrated way. In this respect, this major aims to cultivate global leaders who will lead the East Asian regional community.
2. Careers and Strengths
Government offices: government institutions (National Assembly Secretariat, Court of Korea, ministries of the Interior, Foreign Affairs and Trade, and Strategy and Finance, and National Intelligence Service) and public institutions (Korea Trade-Investment Promotion Agency, Korea Tourism Organization, National Research Council for Economic, Humanities and Social Science, Korea Institute for International Economic Policy, Northeast Asian History Foundation, and Korea International Cooperation Agency)
Corporations: Conglomerates or smaller businesses whose major trade partners are China and Japan
Graduate schools: After obtaining M.A. and Ph.D. degrees in graduate schools related to East Asian studies, graduates can start their careers as professors in universities or researchers at research institutions.
In the midst of rising tensions among Korea, China and Japan on various issues in politics, economy and diplomacy, the demand for global talents who can play a leading role in the regional community has increased.

To address these issues, high caliber individuals armed with expertise in socio-scientific fields such as politics, economics, trade and diplomacy will be very sought after in the near future. Needless to say, they should have a wide range of knowledge in the humanities, including language, literature, history and culture.
3. Degree
Bachelor of East Asian Studies
4. Program Completion Requirements

1) A minimum of 36 credits must be earned for program completion.

2) A minimum of 6 credits (2 courses) must be earned from the major compulsory courses.

3) Elective courses should be taken in accordance with the following:

A minimum of 6 credits from elective courses in Section A (Understanding of Language and Literature)
A minimum of 6 credits from elective courses in Section B (Understanding of History and Culture)
A minimum of 9 credits from elective courses in Section C (Understanding of Regional Societies)

4) No prerequisite courses or approval requirements are necessary for admission.

5) Up to 6 credits earned from first major courses may be approved.