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Emerging Markets and Latin America

The Interdisciplinary Major of Emerging Markets and Latin America

Emerging Markets and Latin America (EML)
1. Educational Objective
This major aims to develop research skills and cultivate regional experts by analyzing multifaceted information about Latin America in the areas of politics, economy, society, history, and culture. In addition, it provides education focusing on field experience by sharing practical knowledge and information about Latin America in association with regional experts in various fields.
2. Careers and Strengths
• As the economic and cultural significance of the Latin American region has increased, so has the number of government institutions and private companies from Korea which have entered this market. In this context, there has been a growing demand for high-caliber people who speak the local language and understand the society and culture of the region.
• Government Institutions: Graduates can work in departments related to the Latin American region in government institutions (the judicial, legislative, and executive branches, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, and National Intelligence Service) or public institutions (KOTRA, KOICA, KIEP, and others). They may work abroad in diplomatic missions located in the region.
• Corporations: Conglomerates or smaller businesses recruit local language specialists or Latin American regional experts for the expansion of their local businesses.
• Translation and Interpretation: Government institutions and companies hire professional interpreters who are armed with language and practical competencies.
• Graduates may take full advantage of their educational backgrounds to establish their own venture companies in the Latin American region.
3. Degree
Bachelor of Latin American Studies
4. Program Completion Requirements
• A minimum of 36 credits must be earned for program completion.
• A minimum of 9 credits must be earned in compulsory courses.
• Elective courses should be taken in accordance with the following:
- A minimum of 3 credits from elective courses in Section A (Culture/Language) - A minimum of 3 credits from elective courses in Section B (Politics/History/Society) - A minimum of 3 credits from elective courses in Section C (Economy/Business/Corporate Culture) • Up to 6 credits earned from first major courses may be approved.