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Humanities and Justice

The Interdisciplinary Major of Humanities and Justice

Humanities and Justice
1. Educational Objective
The objective of this major is to enhance humanistic sensibilities and to develop legal and social scientific knowledge needed to enter law school, and practice law professionally.
2. Careers and Strengths
• By providing opportunities to explore the correlations between law, society and culture, the program helps students develop the basic knowledge required for a jurist.
• Choosing from among the courses offered in the College of Liberal Arts, program participants can take a systematic approach to acquiring the fundamentals for a better understanding of the judicial process.
• Learning how to think and express oneself in a logical way allows program participants to build an intellectual foundation not only for law but for all fields.
• Program participants are offered a chance to take humanities courses through which they can improve their judgment, a requirement for legal professionals.
3. Degree
Bachelor of Arts and Social Science
4. Program Completion Requirements

1) A minimum of 36 credits must be earned for program completion.

2) A minimum of 6 credits must be earned in compulsory courses.

3) Major elective courses should be taken in accordance with the following:

A minimum of 12 credits from major elective courses in Section A (Understanding of Humanity)
A minimum of 9 credits from major elective courses in Section B (Understanding of Law)
A minimum of 9 credits from major elective courses in Section C (Understanding of Society)

4) Up to 6 credits earned from first major courses may be approved.