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Language, Brain and Computers

The Interdisciplinary Major of Language, Brain and Computers

Language, Brain and Computers (LB&C)
1. Educational Objective
Cultural industry has been promoted recently as one of new growth engines for the development of the nation. To continue the production of fresh and high quality cultural content, it is required to have a fundamental understanding of the liberal arts, one that encompasses history, knowledge-based growth, and tradition. The interdisciplinary major LB&C focuses on helping students develop knowledge in the media arts field and on broadening their social and scientific perspectives beyond any limitations of their first major. In doing so, it will groom students to become future leaders in cultural industries who are capable of planning, directing, creating and distributing stories and images which speak to the past, present and future.
2. Careers and Strengths
1) Program participants are offered two options: to study further and pursue a career in academia or to pursue a professional career in related industries.
2) Professors encourage and support program participants to go abroad (for study or work), using their global network.
3) Jobs related to linguistics, language engineering, cognitive science, neuroscience, and computer science are highly paid and always in need of talented persons, both in academia and industry.
4) Professors are very attentive to the quality of their courses.
5) Humanities majors are encouraged to apply for the program since it selects applicants based on their potential rather than their present capabilities.
3. Degree
Bachelor of Language, Brain and Computers (LB&C)
4. Program Completion Requirements

1) A minimum of 36 credits must be earned for program completion.

2) 3 credits must be earned from the major compulsory course, Understanding of Language, Brain, and Computer.

3) Elective courses should be taken in accordance with the following:

A minimum of 6 credits from elective courses in Section A (Understanding of Humanity)
A minimum of 6 credits from major elective courses in Section B (Understanding of the Brain)
A minimum of 6 credits from elective courses in Section C (Understanding of the Computer)

4) Up to 6 credits earned from first major courses may be approved.